Cosmopolitan Mix

Savouring a Cosmopolitan cocktail will not be difficult anymore thanks to Mixer® Easy Cocktail products.


Mixer® Cosmopolitan mix contains as much as 42% of the North American Cranberry juice which is then skilfully mixed with lime juice and essential oil of the sweet scented Sicilian oranges. Cosmopolitan Mixer® is a simple, natural and genuine product. Just add vodka to get an outstanding and balanced Cosmopolitan cocktail.


Yield: min. 16 cocktails per bottle
Taste: Cranberry with a hint of lime and orange.
Colour: ruby red extending to a slightly opaque.

Usage directions:

1 - Pour into Shaker: 5 ice cubes
1 1⁄2 oz. Vodka (4,5 cl.) - 2 oz. Mixer Cosmopolitan mix (6 cl.)

2 - Shake it

3 - Strain content into a cocktail glass


apple martini


This is one of the most drunk and celebrated cocktails in America, it is the symbol of the typical female drink. Its notoriety is mainly due to the American TV show SEX AND THE CITY.

It‘s a drink with a very refined and stylish taste, and thanks to the cranberry juice it nurtures a particularly delicate aroma.

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