Piñacolada Mix

Mixer® imports straight from Latin America the best coconuts and the sweetest and most ripe pineapples to produce this delicious premix. Mi- xer® Pinacolada mix is a concentrated base for the preparation of unforgettable and easy to make Pinacoladas. It contains more than 90% of pineap- ple juice and 10% of coconut milk which is then concentrated and blended with coconut cream and turnips. The high fruit content makes this pro- duct unique in its quality and naturalness. Mixer® Pinacolada mix is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy a tropical flavour creamy Pinacolada.
This product contains no food colouring.

Yield: min. 16 cocktails per bottle
Taste: Pineapple juice, coconut milk and milky cream
Color: dull white extending to yellow


Usage directions: 


An excellent Frozen Pinacolada:

1 - Pour into Blender:

12 ice cubes

2 oz. Golden Rum (6 cl.)

2 oz. Mixer Pinacolada mix (6 cl.)


2 - Blend it


3 - Pour content into glass


pinacolada frozen


An excellent Shake Pinacolada:

1 - Pour into Shaker:

5 ice cubes

1 ½ oz. Golden Rum (4,5 cl.)

1 oz. Mixer Pinacolada mix (3 cl.)

2 oz. Milk (6 cl.)


- Shake it


- Pour content into glass


pinacolada shakerata



The most alleged story stars the bartender Ramon Marrero Monchito and the bar of the Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It seems that the man was looking for a new drink to quench the thirst of his distinguished customers. Hence, on August 16th 1954, after three months of trying and testing with many different ingredients he laid his hands on the drink as we know it and appreciate it nowadays.

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  • cod. 108
  • cl. 100