Sex On The Beach Mix

The delicious union of orange juice, peach and cranberry creates a combination of flavours that reminds us of the summer. Since the Mixer® Sex On The Beach mix is not pasteurized to keep the natural beauty of freshly picked fruit, it does preserve the fragrance of the best fruit juice. Because it contains as much as 43% of juice, it will just be enough to add vodka to enjoy a delicious full-bodied flavour of fresh fruit Sex On The Beach.


Yield: min. +11 cocktails per bottle
Taste: full bodied and thick flavour of orange and cranberry with a hint of ripe peach.
Color: red extending to pale orange.

Usage directions:


1 - Pour into Shaker:

5 ice cubes  

1 1⁄2 oz. Vodka (4,5 cl.)

3 oz. Mixer Sex On The Beach mix (9 cl.)

2 - Shake it

3 - Pour content into tumbler


sex on the beach


It is said that in during the 70s a young bartender in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, invented this peculiar recipe.
When he was asked what the name was, he immediately thought of the reasons why young American students went to Fort Lauderdale during the spring break. These were beaches and sex.

So he replied on the spot “Sex on the Beach” and instantly this became one of the most well known cocktails in the whole world, undeniably for its mischievous name as well.

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