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If we wish to understand the history of our company we need to comprehend the history and the evolution of the world of mixed drinks and syrups. Some traditional syrups could already be found at the turn of the century, but they surely did not contain juice. They were merely flavours for slush drinks or other similar beverages. During the economic boom American bars and clubs began growing and along with them the desire of Italians for fun increased as well. Italians began demanding more and more sophisticated drinks. As a consequence bars and clubs replied with a wider selection, but fruit drinks were still not widespread and were only prepared with seasonal fresh fruit. As a matter of fact it was our founder Moreno Salmi, who was in those early days Sales Director of a leading liquor and syrup company to turn over a new path for a product that would be as close as possible to fresh fruit.


mixer story2Hence the first syrup-based concentrate juice (15% max) were released in the 70s to be used to strengthen or replace the fresh fruit when these were not available. The real breakthrough came in 1990 when Moreno Salmi decided to found Mixer srl building a brand on a completely innovative and revolutionary idea that has then clearly proven successful: the concentrate fruit puree mix. Mixer®’s fruit purees represent the evolution of the cocktails syrup as they contain 100% non pasteurized concentrate fruit puree and therefore may be considered as the best alternative to fresh fruit to use in any blendings and mixing (cocktails, soft drinks, fruit juices, milkshakes, smoothies, slush drinks...). Mixer®’s fruit purees have a higher quality and cocktail yield when compared to common syrups plus they are bottled in Speed Bottle with our patented pourer dispenser. The Speed Bottle is a professional yet easy to use pack that allows an accurate dosage of the product, keeping its best organoleptic properties in time. Speed Bottle was initially seen by the market with curiosity, but then in a few years it has become
an essential and universally acknowledged tool to speed up and improve the work behind the bar counter. Nowadays this pack can be found in any club or bar where blending and mixing drinks is needed.


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Present and future


During the twenty years history, Mixer has turned itself from a trading company into an industry by integrating the production. The year 2006 has witnessed the acquisition of ILCA Srl, a corporation specialized in contracting the manufacturing of liquor and fruit concentrates (ILCA Srl is the owner of the competing brand One Drink®). This acquisition enabled us to expand our production capacity to cope with the growth of our brands and to develop the market with the contracting of production of private labels for third parties.


With the expansion of our group’s turnover, we decided to invest in new facilities and modern production facilities to achieve excellence in the production of semi-finished products meant for blending drinks. Moreover in May 2009 we launched in Roccafranca, in the province of Brescia, the most modern and well equipped manufacturing plant for the fruit concentrates market.


Currently Mixer®srl through the private label division produces on behalf of major multinational beverage companies. These companies recognize us as undisputed leadership in this beverage sector.

Mixer® is now the trademark symbol of the entire fruit puree mixes market in Europe because it was the first brand in the world that has launched this product category.

Years later our mission always remains the same: spotting out and proposing the best solution for the effective and efficient preparation of fruit-based drinks with the solid intention to bring into the ultimate drink all the bursting flavor and scent of the fruit picked at the origin.


Mixer® promotes responsible drinking and fruity