Mixer: unequalled quality for your frozen cocktails since 1990


Mixer company was founded in 1990 when Moreno Salmi after a 25 years long expertise in the beverage industry, decided to launch this brand on a completely innovative and revolutionary idea for that time that has then clearly proven successful: the concentrate fruit puree mix.  

Mixer’s fruit purees represent the evolution of the cocktails syrup as they contain the equivalent of 100% non pasteurized fruit puree from concentrate and therefore may be considered as the best alternative to fresh fruit to use in any blendings and mixing (cocktails, soft drinks, fruit juices, milkshakes, smoothies, slushes...). Mixer’s fruit purees have a higher quality and cocktail yield when compared to other syrups or purees plus they are bottled in the “Speed Bottle” that was patented in 1997 and it is a professional easy to use pack that allows an accurate dosage of the product, keeping its best organoleptic properties for all the shelf life.


Mixer concentrate puree mixes solve all the problems related to the use of fresh fruit in the mixing:  finding fruit when seasonally not available, long time of preparation for the premixes, lack of flavour  in seasonal fresh fruit that bring to the final cocktail a diluted and watery taste, wastage of unused product.  We have investigated so far about the problems related to the use of the fresh fruit  for the mixing and tried to find out if the other products on the market really  accomplished the bartender’s needs. We set out to make a product that would improve the quality of the final drink by bringing the intensity and texture of the fruit even in frozen cocktails or long drinks. The result after years of work has been Mixer concentrate fruit purees, crafted either to replace or to strengthen the fresh fruit, made with fruit puree equivalent to 100% natural fruit, they give an incomparable quality to drinks.



Nowadays Mixer stands out in the market for several reasons:  “We are the only company using 100% fruit puree for our mixes; moreover, we also provide the largest range of fruit flavours, producing 28  different kind  of fruit purees with 24 months shelf life”



One of the reasons for Mixer always being a step ahead is that they were the first company worldwide to introduce concentrate fruit purees in 1990.  Our value proposition for customers is to reach the highest level possible of quality using a bottled product, finding the perfect trade off  between natural authenticity of the puree and  convenience for mixing.  We are sure that using Mixer any bartender will manage to bring to the final drink an intense taste true to the original fresh fruit just picked  reducing the cost of every single drink thanks to higher yield of our concentrate purees


Mixer: unequalled quality for your frozen cocktails since 1990