Mixer relies on quality

The investment in the quality of our products we felt it was the best strategic choice in a time of global crisis and that is why we have entered into agreements for the provision of the best selected raw materials from around the world . Our R & D department tests daily fruit purees from all sources to select those that guarantee a better performance for cocktails.  

The purchase of fruit puree for a company that produces concentrate puree mixes for cocktails is the highest cost in the budget . Notwithstanding the crisis we have been experiencing worldwide  we have decided to focus all our economical resources and energies on the quality of our products in order to keep alive the promise done to our customers who know that by using Mixer they can prepare the best cocktails ever.

Our mission is always “bottling  the best of fruit puree” cropped when perfectly ripe around the world so as to provide the barmen unbeatable products for the preparation of cocktails, frozen , smoothies , soft drinks  and milkshake .

The supplying campaign for 2014 ended up with the purchase of a new strawberry puree at a lower concentration, of Spanish origin, best compared to the past, as more texturing, sweet and pulpy. Furthermore we are going to switch within the end of this year to a new coconut milk from Sri Lanka , considered the best in the world for the scent and qualitative yield, along with the importation of a new batch of Mango puree from India which tastes juicier and more natural.

Therefore the three most important Mixer products as Mixer Strawberry, Coconut and Mango puree mixes will be substantially improved  for quality that will result in a higher cost for our company of approximately € 70,000. This increased cost will not be definitively charged to any price rise but will be subsidized  by Mixer company as an investment on our most important asset: the quality of our products.
Mixer srl
Production Manager
Marco Salmi

Mixer relies on quality