Dragon fusion

Country of Origin: Vietnam 





Dragon Fusion was  a result of our first trip to Vietnam and China  when we came across for the first time this weird and wonderful fruit with South American and SE Asian origins.

The fruit looks great on the outside and the color from the red fruit version is spectacular in cocktails.  The pulp and flavor profile might taste similar to a Kiwi and is actually somewhat bland so we paired it with  Asian lychee and Dragon Fusion was born.

Use Dragon Fusion to make  great signature cocktails which will rock your customers and  increase the interest level in profitable drinks.  


Dragon hell Margarita

  • 50 ml. Tequila
  • 25 ml. Mixer Triple sec
  • 40 ml. Mixer Dragon Fusion
  • 25 ml. Mixer Hot Spicy
  • 30 ml. fresh lime

Blend ith ice cubes until smooth

  • cod. 235
  • kg. 1,32