Country of origin: Mexico

Mixer lime puree is a high concentrate mix made from Brazilian limes and a touch of sugar.

In production, we work to give  the puree the   correct balance between sweet and sour pressing the lime peel and adding the correct amount of sugar and juice.
As a finished product, Mixer lime puree is best tasted when mixed with other liquids.

The dilution ratio will hold to 9 parts water to one part product. Mixer Lime puree is ideal when used as an ingredient in frozen margaritas and lemonades with a recommended dose 1:8 parts soda water. The recommended measure for Mixer puree fruit concentrates for frozen drinks or fruit punches is from 1 to 1 1/2 oz.

It is also perfect for making an affordable and well balanced sweet & sour mix, you just need to dilute 1 liter of Mixer Lime in 8 liters of water and then add 1 liter of Mixer Sugar Cane to get 10 liters of ready to mix Sour mix at an incredible price !!




Margaritas,  Frozen cocktails, Lemonades,  Iced Teas, Fruit punches, slushes  and Mocktails


Mixer® Lime contains no food colouring.

Cod. 8015817001197
  • cod. 130
  • kg. 1,35
  • cl. 100