Country of origin: Spain / Italy

Mixer® Strawberry contains 100% concentrated puree of the best selected strawberries from Spain and Italy.


Only the best crops and varieties of strawberries such as Senga Sengana or Camarosa are selected and harvested when the fruit reaches its advanced ripeness in order to have the perfect balance between sweet and pulpy part of the fruit.

The raw material is washed, cleaned and is quickly concentrated to preserve the freshness and thickness of freshly picked fruit. No pasteurization is carried out.

Mixer® Strawberry puree lets you savour cocktails, smoothies or slush drinks with the taste of the best freshly picked strawberries throughout the whole year. Simply open the bottle and discover the genuineness of a product containing real strawberry seeds.

Cod. EAN 8015817001036
  • cod. 125
  • kg. 1,35
  • 6 bottles box