Easy Cocktail

Mixer® Easy Cocktail line features non-alcoholic cocktail bases.

Mixer® Easy Cocktail line features non-alcoholic cocktail bases letting you prepare the most popular international cocktails with extreme simplicity since all is needed is the addition of alcohol. Simply mix them to obtain a perfectly balanced cocktail and true to the original recipe as if prepared by a professional bartender.

Who is Mixer® Easy Cocktail meant for?


Make your cocktail in a flash!

Bartenders who need to prepare numerous cocktails with the maximum speed of execution.




Bartender Take Away!

Non-professional customers who would like to enjoy a good drink staying comfortably at home.




  • High fruit content
    In order to preserve the taste and freshness, Easy Cocktail products have a high content of the best non-pasteurized fruit.

  • Non-alcoholic
    If you want to enjoy a non-alcoholic cocktail just mix Easy Cocktail with juice, milk or soda instead of mixing it with spirits.

  • Yield control
    The operator knows in advance the amount of cocktails that can be obtained with a single bottle. In such a way the drinks cost and waste can be efficiently controlled.
  • Easy and quick
    Anyone can use it, just add the alcohol and blend it, you will have the perfect cocktail in a flash.
  • Always perfectly balanced cocktails
    Nothing can go wrong.