Matcha green tea

Mixer Matcha Green tea racchiude in sè fascino e tradizione del rituale del tè giapponese 

Matcha is a special type of green tea, it is the highest quality tea available in Japan. The tea leaves are hand-picked from various varieties of tea plants, blended to produce the best flavour and stone ground into a fine powder. Mixer Matcha Green tea syrup is getting more and more popular for a vast range of healthy beverages such as milkshakes, green smoothies, and sodas. It also excels in refined cocktails and twist of classics. 



45 ml. vodka (1 ½ oz.)
20 ml. Mixer Matcha Green Tea syrup (¾ oz.)
15 ml. Vermouth Dry (½ oz.)

  • cod. 187
  • kg. 1